Sports News: Stokes 'mocked gay men before fight'

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The English cricketer Ben Stokes mocked two homosexual men and hit one of his cigarette butts before fighting with two other men, a court said.

The second trial against India at Lord's, denied having touched.

Bristol Court heard Ryan Ali, 28, and Ryan Hale, 27, fainting in Bristol on September 25, 2017.

Jurors learned that M Stokes had "lost control" of the fight in front of a nightclub.

Nicholas Corsellis, charged, stated that Mr. Stokes, 27, had "begun to attack" Mr. Ali and Mr. Hale "in retaliation, retaliation or punishment".

Socket for Broken Eyes

He stated, "He stunned Mr. Hale and, after a while, he did the same to Mr. Ali."

Mr. Corsellis described Stokes' actions as "far beyond self-defense or defense of others".

An altercation occurred in the Clifton Triangle area just after 2:00 am The defendants had left a nightclub, said the prosecutor.

The court heard that Mr. Ali suffered "significant injuries", including a broken orbit.

Mr. Corsellis told the jury that a bottle had been used at the beginning by Mr. Ali, and a broken street sign was brought into the fray towards the end by Mr. Hale.

Mr. Stokes and his teammate Alex Hales left the club at 0:46 but had returned at 2:08 am.

Bouncer Andrew Cunningham explained to the pair that the club was closed and that they would not be allowed to enter it.

However, jurors heard that Mr. Stokes was "aggressive" and insulted Mr. Cunningham.

Mr. Cunningham stated that Mr. Stokes' attention then turned to two "openly gay" men – Kai Barry and William O'Connor – on the outside. of the room.

He asserted that the cricketer had imitated their voices and manners in what he termed "a pejorative manner".

Mr. Corsellis testified that CCTV footage showed Mr. Stokes "men's hand gestures", while the bouncer claimed to have smashed a butt on Mr. O. Connor .

outside the nightclub, he gives an important tone for what happened that night, "said the prosecutor.

"He was clearly frustrated and annoyed.

Only the defendants know exactly how the fight began, said Mr. Corsellis in court, who showed additional footage of the incident through CCTV.

Mr. Corsellis stated that Mr. Stokes was not acting in "retaliation".

"Everyone except him wants him to stop," he told the jury.

He stated that Mr. Hales, Mr. Stokes' English teammate: "Stokes, Stokes, that's enough."

Mr. Ali said, "Stay away, stay away" and Mr. Hale said "stop, stop," Mr. Corsellis said in court.

Witness Jess Thomas was awakened by the noise of the street and was scared when he saw "five or six men rolling around", heard the court.

Another witness, Laura Sweeney, Hale pulls a metal leg from a road sign and runs to the other men.

Mr. Stokes, of Castle Eden, Durham, was arrested early in the morning with Mr. Ali from Bristol and Mr. Hale from Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol.

The fight took place several hours after England played an international day against the West Indies at County Ground.

The trial continues.

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Sports News: Stokes 'mocked gay men before fight'

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