Sports News: Serena Williams plays at Tiebreak Tens and is 'ready' for Indian Wells

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Serena Williams says that she often wondered how she would continue after returning to the training grounds after the birth of her first child.

The Grand Slam champion will return to the WTA Tour at Indian Wells in California this week

In an interview with BBC Sport, the 36-year-old American said she was motivated by the idea of ​​playing long enough for her six-month-old daughter to have memories of watching her.

"It was hard," she says.

been so many days, even still, when I'm like, "how am I going to continue?

"It was really, really hard but I keep going and I know I may not be at my best, but I get there and every day is a new day and every day I should

"As long as I can, even if it's at the speed of a turtle, then I agree with that."

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Williams spoke before participating in Tiebreak Tens

In an article for CNN last month, she writes that she feels "lucky to have survived" at the birth of Alexis Olympia , after suffering a pulmonary embolism after an emergency situation Caesarean section

But now, having played an exhibition match in Abu Dhabi late December and a doubled for the US Fed The Cup team against the Netherlands last month, she says that the time has come for her to come back.

"I'm ready, otherwise I would not be here," she said.

"If I'm not ready now, I'll never be ready, I think in two months I'll be much better than now, but you have to start somewhere, I do not want to be sidelined and think about it. "

Williams may be encouraged by his performance in New York on Monday. Her service seemed threatening and she hit menacing winners as she beat another returning player – Marion Bartoli – before losing against Zhang Shuai in the semifinal.

Williams appeared for the last time at a grand slam in 2017 Open of Australia. The victory over sister Venus in the final left her a record behind Margaret Court's 24 Grand Slam victories.

She did not hide that she was motivated by the idea of ​​winning 25. by giving her daughter a significant chance to watch her play

" I do not need more motivation, "Williams said.

"I have the best thing I can desire Now, I've always been an extremely motivated person, but my main thing is that I'd love to have my daughter be with me and exercise, which really gives me motivation.

"I would have thought that I would have retired six years ago, but I'm still there and I play very well, and I think I'm still going to play well. "

She added that it was" impossible "" to say how long she would continue to play.

Williams, who has no title as she spent more than 12 months outside our, was called to play Zarina Diyas of Kazakhstan in the first round at Indian Wells. The match is likely to take place on Thursday night, California time

She could play her sister Venus in the third round, but she has, understandably, given a note of caution.

After all, the former world number one only gave birth six months ago, and six weeks of that time were spent in bed while she was recovering from her illness. 39, an emergency surgery

"My expectations, I do not know

" I can not go to say that I'm waiting to lose because that's what it's all about. is something I will never say, it's just a little different, I'm waiting to see where I am more than anything.

"It's a good time to start in the summer.If I want to play Grand Slam [the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open] and play well, I think it's the perfect time to start."

The only mother to have won the title of Wimbledon since the First World War was the Australian Evonne.Cawley (nee Goolagong) in 1980.

Another motivator, if Williams never needed it.

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Sports News: Serena Williams plays at Tiebreak Tens and is 'ready' for Indian Wells

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