Sports News: Russia banned from 2018 Winter Olympics – but clean athletes can compete as neutrals

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The International Olympic Committee has banned Russia from participating in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics next year.

But Russian athletes who can prove that they are clean be allowed to compete in South Korea under a neutral flag

It follows an investigation into alleged doping allegations by the State at the 2014 Games organized by Russia in Sochi

"This should mark a point in this prejudicial episode," said the IOC

IOC President Thomas Bach and his Board of Directors. after reading the findings and recommendations of a 17-month survey conducted by the former president of Switzerland, Samuel Schmid.

The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) was suspended but the IOC announced the athletes to compete in Febru Despite repeated denials from Russia, the Schmid report found evidence of "systemic manipulation of the rules and anti-doping system "which corroborate the previous allegations. the government's involvement in cheating before and during the Olympic Winter Games almost four years ago.

Bach said: "It was an unprecedented attack on the integrity of the Olympic Games and sport, which should draw a line in this destructive episode and serve as a catalyst for an anti-doping system. more effective. "

The South Korean Games, which will begin Feb. 9, will now be devoid of any of the powers.

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Why the Olympic Committee Russian is it forbidden?

This investigation was initiated by Dr. Whieblowing Grigory Rodchenkov, who was director of the Russian anti-doping laboratory during Sochi 2014.

He alleged that the country had a systematic doping program.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) enlisted the services of a law professor and Canadian sports lawyer, Dr. Richard McLaren, to review the allegations.

The McLaren Report concludes that 1,000 athletes in 30 sports benefited from the doping program between 2012 and 2015.

Wada got what he said was a database Russian laboratory that corroborated McLaren's findings. Last week, another IOC commission, led by Swiss lawyer Denis Oswald, gave full support to the evidence provided by Dr. Rodchenkov.


In addition to the ban of the Olympic Committee, the IOC also decided to ban the Russian Deputy Prime Minister and former Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko of all future Olympics. He is currently the main organizer of the 2018 World Cup, which will be held in Russia next summer.

In his report to the IOC Executive Council, Schmid says that Mutko, as Minister of Sports of the time, has ultimate administrative responsibility for the acts perpetrated at the time ". [19459007

Other decisions:

  • No official accreditation of the Russian Ministry of Sports for the Winter Olympics Pyeongchang 2018
  • Former Deputy Minister of Sports, Yuri Nagornykh, is excluded from any participation in all future Olympics
  • Dmitry Chernyshenko, the former CEO of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, is removed from the Beijing Coordination Commission 2022
  • ROC President Alexander Zhukov suspended a member of the IOC, since his membership is linked to his position as president of the ROC
  • The ROC is fined $ 15 million to repay fees surveys and contribute to the creation of the Independent. Control Authority (ITA)

[194590] 17] Measures Taken Up To Today

  • Up To Now, 25 Russians were banned from the Olympic Games for life on the recommendation of the IOC Commission
  • The first part of the McLaren report was published in July 2016, when Wada called on the IOC to ban Russia at the Rio Olympics
  • The IOC decided not to impose a general ban, instead asking the individual sports federations to rule on their participation
  • A total of 271 Russians competed in Rio

  • Russia has been banned from the Paralympic Games and remains banned from the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games.

Wada has not yet called on the IOC to ban Russia, but recently declared that the country remains "non-compliant" with its code.

  • The suspension of the IAAF for Russian athletes remains
  • Russia is not responsible for the scandal of Sochi

The IPC will make public its decision on the potential participation of Russian athletes at the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in London on December 22

What was the reaction?

The Russian public broadcaster VGTRK said that he will not broadcast the winter Olympics if the Russian team "Our position is unchanged: without the participation of the Russian". Russian Olympic team in Pyeongchang, we do not broadcast it on TV, "said VGTRK in a press release quoted by the Russian private news agency Interfax.

Artyom Sheinin, presenter of the Russian television channel Channel One, said about the news that "our country has been deliberately, publicly, consciously humiliated."

Prime Minister Pyotr Tolstoy declared the same program th "1945-19007]

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  • GB bobsleigh team could get bronze from Sochi

British Sports Minister Tracey Crouch tweeted that she was "happy" with the decision.

Did Russia say about the claims?

The Russian authorities have never acknowledged being involved in doping and President Putin has suggested the allegations are an attempt to sow discontent in the preparation of the presidential elections in March

the chairman of the olympic committee Alexa Ndre Zhukov, who said in September that he expected the country to have a team in Pyeongchang, reiterated the innocence of the state. Wada's recent ruling "can not be accepted" and denied state sponsored doping.

[1] 9459010] Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov said the reinstatement criteria were "political in character". He added: "The committee [The] invented reasons not to resettle Rusada, the charges are a joke."

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Sports News: Russia banned from 2018 Winter Olympics – but clean athletes can compete as neutrals

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