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 Alan Shearer
2018 Quarter-finals of the Fifa World Cup: Sweden vs England
Location: Arena of Samara Date: Saturday, July 7th
Cover: Watch live on BBC TV, Red Button and iPlayer, Website and BBC Sport App; listen to Radio 5 live; follow updates online

England is probably not the most talented team of this World Cup but we showed against Colombia why we now have a great chance to win it

What we could miss in capacity, we compensate with a superb team spirit and a huge character, and that It's amazing to see where it can go.

As we have seen on what was A memorable evening for the Gareth Southgate team on Tuesday in Moscow, the difference between success and failure in football can reach extremely thin margins.

The best teams are not always the best placed, but they are the ones who demonstrate unity and belief and achieve things in a tournament like this, and England has definitely demonstrated his strength.

They overcame all the setbacks they faced against the South Americans and everyone is so proud of them, especially because all the previous shootout failures have made things even worse for us. more difficult

At World Cups in recent years, we may not have had a better group of players than this one.

That's part of what makes this team different – England is young, vibrant and exciting and has a good attitude.

I am proud of what they have done so far in Russia, and I am eager to see what they do next.

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Now, the Southgate team will want more

It's great to be at this stage of the World Cup and talk about the positive aspects of a World Cup. performance and of an English victory, rather than discussing the reasons for another anticipated exit. major finals.

What next? Well, anything is possible, but I'm still reluctant to think beyond our quarter-final with Sweden, because this World Cup has been so ridiculously unpredictable until now.

But whatever happened to Samara this Saturday

We won a knockout match for the first time since 2006, and we also won our first shootout at goal in World Cup.

already real successes for Gareth's young people to seize Russia, but now the fans want more, and I know that the English players will be the same.

You go in any tournament with expectations. and the more you have, the more you start thinking that something really special could happen here.

That's the feeling that I have now, and that's what the players will think too.

Of course, they have to temper him a little and not get carried away like the fans, but without a doubt, as a team, they will think "we can do that".

Get informed and feed on the excitement

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Players will also experience euphoria at home, which reminds me of the Euro 96 with the way it has built and built.

We are all buzzing here in Moscow but you can see it on photos, videos, texts and phone calls that things are absolutely berserk in England.

Players will have seen it too. During the Euro-96, we achieved collectively and individually what our success meant for the whole country and it will be the same with Southgate and his team now.

The job of the manager is to bring everyone back to Sweden. game, but at the same time he will not want to kill the mood.

They should go with the flow and feed on the excitement. These are good times for everyone – thank goodness, we've had so many disappointments over the years, so why should not everyone enjoy them?

We know what to expect from Sweden and England.

If you had offered Southgate a quarter-final against Sweden before the start of the World Cup, I'm sure it would have broken your hand, but we should take nothing for granted.

In our last eight competitions – a 3-2 win in the group stage at Euro 2012 – we do not have very good results against them.

I saw them beat Switzerland in their eighth game on Tuesday, and I think England is going to have trouble with them this weekend.

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Sweden is nothing spectacular, without superstars on their side since Zlatan Ibrahimovic retired from international football, but they are very solid and have kept three white sheets in their four matches in Russia.

form 4-4-2 very rigid and we know exactly what to expect from them.

It will be difficult for England to break them down, but what gives me confidence that we are going to beat them, is that we know what we will get from England too.

There were a lot of unknowns about the Southgate team in this tournament, and we did not know how they would react to different situations.

We are doing it now, after the last victory over Tunisia in our opening group match, and especially the way we spent Colombia after conceding a late equalizer

For England to come back and rally in additional time and then do what they did in the shooting, it was quite special

as well as provocation

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As a player, you feel all the emotions when you go into shooting, but if you win, the overwhelming is a huge relief.

I've been there myself, and this walk towards the penalty spot from the midline is very long when it's your turn. You are so focused on not letting everybody down on the team.

When you win and you go through as a team, it makes the connection between you even stronger. This will help even more England in the coming days

When they step back, they will realize that they are in the quarterfinals of a World Cup, which will is simply huge.

But they were cold-hearted and calm about the provocation that they were undergoing from Colombia, and that would help them cope with that kind of pressure as well.

Alan Shearer spoke to Chris about the BBC Sport Bevan in Moscow.

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Sports News: Russia 2018: 'England have shown why we can win this World Cup'

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