Sports News: 'Lomachenko having the biggest impact on a sport since Tiger Woods'

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 Quote of Lomachenko by Costello

"It's for me the biggest impact in a sport I've known since Tiger Woods won everything."

Vasyl Lomachenko made only 12 fights in his professional boxing career but the records that he surpasses and the style in which he places them has forced BBC Sport boxing correspondent Mike Costello to seek out superlatives.

The victory over Jorge Linares at Madison Square Garden allowed Lomachenko to win three world titles in three weight divisions in a dozen. fighting.

No fighter has accomplished such a feat so quickly, the double Ukrainian Olympic champion is it a phenomenon comparable to that of the great sportsmen of the world?

  • Listen to Lelloko and Costello & Bunce analyze

"He broke their hearts"

Lomachenko, 30, survived a sixth round and ended Linares' challenge – himself world champion of three heavyweights – with a paralyzing kick in the 10th inning . .

Costello: If you were in danger of falling in love with boxing, Lomachenko relaunched the relationship.

There are three world titles in as many divisions now. As a background, Oscar De La Hoya took almost twice as long – 22 fights – to achieve this feat.

He played 11 world championship titles and won 10 in a row. I totaled the men's overall record he won: 286 wins, 15 losses. That's the caliber of the men he's faced.

Steve Bunce, Boxing Analyst Live at BBC Radio 5: The four previous fighters he was battling before Linares were all outstanding, including two undefeated. He stopped all four, they stayed on their stool. He was resigning Olympic gold medalists and undefeated world champions.

He did not destroy them, most of them were not marked, but they returned to their corner and shook their heads. He had terrible fighters quit. Linares did not resign but he was as broken as these four men. Those men that he beat could go on and do things, he broke their hearts

"The best sportsman of the earth?"

Lochenko's record as an amateur was 396 wins and one defeat, including gold medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. His professional career saw a loss when he disputed a world title in only his second fight in the paid ranks. World titles featherweight, featherweight and featherweight followed

Costello: We are lucky to work in the industry at the time he does this what he does. I was a big fan of tennis when I was a kid at school. I remember Ilie Nastase who was beaten by Bjorn Bjorg and said "we play tennis and Bjorg plays something else".

This is what strikes me about Lomachenko, it's different from everything I've ever seen while I was watching boxing.

Is he the best sports artist on the planet right now? Is it better than Virat Kohli, Roger Federer, Lionel Messi, Chris Froome, what kind of people?

Bunce: If we do not make a sporting personality of the year, just the best athlete or athlete currently living in show, he must be with them

] "Dancing Feet – What makes it so good?"

Lomachenko bases his training camps in California and is trained by his father Anatoly. Their work involves puzzles to help Lomachenko's mental ability

Costello: Lomachenko said in an interview before the fight that hard work is the basis of his skills. He says it's a tough job, but it makes it seem so easy. His feet are still in place.

As a southpaw, the key is often to get the right foot on the outside of the opponent's left foot so that you are always able to launch a right hand towards the chin.

The left foot was outside Linares. Whatever Linares did, Lomachenko was still in position.

It is the relentless energy, variety, and precision of what it does. There is not a single second in any of his fights where the opponent could take a second of rest.

The best fighters find time to take the time, you can not do it against Lomachenko, it is just nonstop

Bunce: We know several things about her. He does not run, they do fast walks and he is swimming at the training. The other thing that he did, is that he spent several years doing dance, ballet and Ukrainian dance. His feet are perfect, he is completely light on his feet and brightly balanced.

Then there is the modern stuff, the kind of punches that he throws. The final knockdown in the 10th round, this shot, not only you could not see him to the naked eye, he came to a blind angle. When he hits you, he looks you in the eye. He manages to throw projectiles without taking your eyes off not knowing where they are coming from.

What Sequel for Tiger Woods Boxing?

Lomachenko's promoter, Bob Arum, compared the feats of his fighter to the late Muhammad Ali. Some in the sport believe that he may be able to win a world title in another weight division, but Costello thinks that his physical setting means that his optimal class will be the optimal class

Costello: who works in and around the sport for a long time, it's for me the biggest impact in a sport that I've known since Tiger Woods broke through and started winning everything .

I think that Lomachenko must work his call globally. Right now, it's still a boxing history. It has been less than a year since he started taking English classes. He practices and speaks fluently.

The Klitschko brothers – Wladimir and Vitali – were told that a key factor in expanding their appeal was to speak English. It is there that he could improve in terms of general status.

The fight I want to see now – if it's built in the right way, I think it will be one of those we look forward to, we rarely anxiously waiting for a fight – is Lomachenko against Mikey Garcia.

And if Lomachenko came up against WBO champion Ray Beltran and won, he would have two belts. Garcia has the WBC title and could face IBF champion Robert Easter to hold two belts. Then you have a light showdown for all the balls – four belts and a magnificent contest.

Bunce: I agree with Bob Arum when he says "how can I compare it?" I compare it to "how can I compare it to Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard? "

Does not that sound like he says that this guy can be better than them? We have no measuring stick, there is no one to counter it.

This guy has now done three different weights and with two Olympic gold medals. Where are the comparisons? How do we do it?

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Sports News: 'Lomachenko having the biggest impact on a sport since Tiger Woods'

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