Sports News: Joint bid from Canada, US & Mexico beats Morocco in Fifa vote to host 2026 World Cup

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 The winning bid is announced

The 2026 World Cup will be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico after their joint offer will beat Morocco's bid to host it.

The candidacy & # 39; United 2026 & # 39; was selected by the member nations, winning 134 votes against 65 for Morocco

The tournament of 2026 will be the largest ever World Cup – with 48 teams playing 80 matches in 34 days.

"Football is the only winner, we are all united in football," said US President Carlos Cordeiro,

"Thank you very much for this incredible honor. Of the 211 member countries of FIFA, 200 voted at the 68th FIFA Congress in Moscow on Wednesday, the winning bid requiring a majority of 104.

Canada, Mexico, Morocco and the United States United were exempt, while Ghana was absent after the country's government declared that it had dismantled its football association because of allegations of "widespread" corruption

Puerto Rico – were among the other member nations not to vote

Mexico (1970 and 1986) and the United States (1994) have already hosted World Cups.

Canada has World Cup women's stage in 2015.

  • One Will the country host the W
  • The auction process

    Since the 2018 and 2022 tournaments awarded respectively to Russia and Qatar in December 2010, widespread corruption has been exposed in the global game, including The BBC's documentary Panorama says that Qatar has spent 117 million pounds to win the first 2022 World Cup, the first in winter, while the former president of Fifa , Sepp Blatter, hinted that there had been rumors of corruption. an agreement in place for Russia to host the 2018 tournament before the vote takes place.

    Important figures, including Blatter, have since been charged.

    Accordingly Fifa – under the presidency of Gianni Infantino – promised a "more open and more transparent" vote to decide the host of the 2026 World Cup.

    There It was decided that the executive committee of FIFA would no longer vote on behalf of the members,

    Instead, both offers made a final 15-minute presentation to the Congress before the member nations of the Fifa do not vote.

    The winning bid

    The World Cup will generate 14 billion dollars (10.3 billion pounds sterling) in revenue and make a profit of 11 billion dollars for Fifa according to Mr. Cordeiro.

    Of the 16 host cities, 10 will be in the United States. the remainder will be divided equally between Canada and Mexico

    Sixty games will be played in the United States, while Canada and Mexico will each host 10 games.

    The final will be held at 84,953 MetLife Stadium, home to the New Jersey Giants and the New York Jets of the NFL.

    The distance between the northernmost (Edmonton) and southernmost (Mexico) host city is nearly 3,000 miles, which compares to 1900 miles at this month's tournament in Russia.

    The tournament will mark the first time The 1994 World Cup, staged by the United States, had the highest average participation in the history of the tournament, while Mexico was the first nation to host the event twice.

    What they said

    Carlos Cordeiro, President of the United States: "Hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup is a rare moment and important to demonstrate that we are all united by sport

    "We are humbled by the trust that our Fifa family colleagues have placed in our candidacy, reinforced by the unity between our three countries and the Concacaf region and excited by the opportunity we have to put football A new and sustainable path for generations to come. "

    Fouzi Lekjaa, President of the Moroccan Football Federation: " I congratulate Fifa for the conduct of this process and congratulate the President for what he did "I would like to reaffirm my country's determination to continue working for football and one day realize our dream of hosting the World Cup in Morocco, "he added.

    The Football Association (FA): "We congratulate the United States, Canada and Mexico for winning the bid for the World Cup FIFA 2026. Both offers were of very high quality and we welcome the fact that the bidding process was both open and transparent.

    "We vote for the 39; offer "United" because we believe that the independent technical evaluation However, it is important to note that both offers were found to comply with the accommodation requirements and that a tournament in Morocco, near from Europe and in a country that loves football, has been very successful for English football fans.

    Fifth Unfortunate

    Five times they made an offer, and five times they were neglected – Morocco may be destined never to host a World Cup. [19459007

    Fifa Secretary General Fatma Samoura was the subject of an investigation into an alleged conflict of interest.

    The members of the group Fifa World Cup nominees declared having an undeclared family relationship Ador El Hadji Diouf

    She was cleared and rejected as "laughable" and "unhappy".

    ] The same evaluation group then expressed concern over the stadiums, the availability of Nine of the fourteen stadiums included in Morocco's offer had not yet been built, while the remaining five needed a "major renovation or modernization".

    But the head of the bid, Hicham el Amrani, said that he was confident that the country's infrastructure "could deliver" and made play the position of the North African nation, to nine miles from the southern tip of Spain.

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Sports News: Joint bid from Canada, US & Mexico beats Morocco in Fifa vote to host 2026 World Cup

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