Sports News: 'I'm not finished' – Murray eyes summer return after hip surgery

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 Andy Murray at the Hospital

The British surgeon Andy Murray Melbourne said he hoped to play again in time for the grass field season this summer.

The former world number one, 30-year-old, has not played a competitive match since he was eliminated from Wimbledon in July.

The ongoing problem forced the Scottish to withdraw from the Australian Open, which begins on January 15.

"I have not finished playing I am still very optimistic about the future – the surgeon is very happy with the way of which it happened. "

Murray, Grand Slam champion three times, believes that he can return to 95% of his best, that will be enough for him to compete at the highest level. 9007]

He hopes that he will hit bullets on the court again after seven or eight weeks, and he has been given 14 weeks as a guide for a return of this type of surgery.

But Murray, who dropped to 19th place worldwide, said he was "not interested in coming back for a specific tournament".

"My plan is to play grass around the crown again – maybe before that date – but I'm definitely not going to rush things," said Murray, speaking of his hospital bed during a conference call with a group of British journalists

I know when I come back that I'm ready. "

He was operated by the Dr. John O Donnell at St. Vincent Hospital in Melbourne on Monday.

Murray posted a picture of the hospital on Instagram and said: "Feeling really positive and eager to start rehab."

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'My hip will feel better than a year ago when I was world number one'.

Murray retired from the US Open two days before the tournament began in August of last year, and he said that he realized that He was not ready to compete in Brisbane last week when he tested his hip against other top 50 players.

"I want to come back I'm fit and ready to play, not in Brisbane or New York, where I'm not sure I can be part of a tournament, "he said.

He has not played in a competitive match since his quarter-final loss to Sam Querrey at Wimbledon on July 12th.

He said he had pain in his right hip during the Roland Garros semifinal against Stan Wawrinka. problems with him throughout his career.

"The surgeon felt that my hip will feel better than a year ago," Murray said. "Obviously, I was still doing well a year ago – I was ranked number one worldwide."

"I will certainly not be doing the same number of tournaments and efforts to try to get to number one in the world.I will play a reduced schedule, and then concentrate more on the attempt to win big events and big tournaments rather than trying to reach certain ranking goals.

"I've been pretty competitive with the top 50 players the world in Brisbane when I have trouble moving, and I made the quarterfinals at Wimbledon when I could literally no longer walk and I was suffering so much.

"So if I can get to 95% of my best, I think it's enough to compete at the highest level.

" The rest of my body feels fantastic, i feel really good physically apart from this problem, the operation allows me to lengthen my hip, and i will be able to sprint. "

" My daughter watches me play, it's me who motivates me "

Murray said that it's been painful for him to walk since before Wimbledon. that he got used to the pain in his hip, the pain that he has had since last summer has had an impact on his everyday life.

Also emerged that he had undergone minor groin surgery on December 18. This managed to relieve some of the pain that he had experienced, and was the reason to delay his departure to Australia that after Christmas.

If Murray's rehabilitation proceeds as planned, he will be out of action for almost a year before his return

And he says that he would like to play until his eldest daughter Sophia, born in February 2016, can watch it and have "a little understanding of what it is that I" I'vedone for my life. "

" It would be cool if she could come watch me hit balls or train me just to see what I was doing, "he added.

"I love to watch and see lots of other kids when they are touring with their parents."

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Sports News: 'I'm not finished' – Murray eyes summer return after hip surgery

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