Sports News: Ex-GB sprinter Campbell 'relieved to be alive' after bleed in brain

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 Darren Campbell

Former British Olympic champion Darren Campbell says he is "relieved to be alive" while he is recovering at the hospital after blowing into the brain [19459007

The 44-year-old man had to be resuscitated when he was rushed to hospital last Tuesday after a seizure at home.

Campbell, who won the 4x100m relay at the 2004 Olympics, told BBC Sport that he had pituitary apoplexy – a bleeding in the gland at the base. of the brain.

"I almost died," he said. "You have to thank, that's how it was close."

Campbell says that he now wants to be "left alone" while he is recovering from the trauma of an episode that left him needing a respirator to breathe.

"I do not want to be Darren Campbell right now," he said.

The presenter and pundit of BBC Radio 5 had never had a crisis before. A few days at the hospital

His wife and three children are now with him, after it was decided that his two youngest children should not surrender before d & # 39; have shown signs of recovery.

When I see the fear in my children's eyes that you realize, "said the two-time Commonwealth Games gold medalist

" When they told me for the first time I was under fan, I did not believe them. I have other people filling in blanks, if you can not breathe on your own, you are not in a good place.

"I must be relieved I almost died."

Campbell initially needed three injections a day to stabilize the function of his pituitary gland, which releases hormones that help control of bodily functions, including growth, blood pressure, energy management and metabolism

But he now hopes to leave hospital Tuesday

"C & # It was scary for the family as they have a habit of seeing this character strong, "said the former Manchester sprinter.

" All of a sudden, I do not could not control my body, my eldest son was a rock and kept everything together

"The doctors said that if I was not in shape, I would not be there. I was always fighting … As long as the doctors were fighting, I was fighting. "

Campbell says that in his hospital bed made him "enjoy life" more, and urged people to visit their doctor regularly.

He said, "I thought of my children, and all I thought was that I must continue to fight as I want to see my 10-year-old daughter to marry one day. I caught on that and the medical people were absolutely incredible.

"My daughter had watched a program called Say Yes to the Dress She had gone down two days earlier saying," Dad, I know what budget I want for my wedding dress. She said, "I want £ 5,000 for my dress. You grab small things like that.

Campbell says he is "extremely lucky" and now wants to spend time with his family.

"I do not work this summer" I said. "I always work but I take leave, every minute and every moment I try to take things and give thanks."

"I'm calm, what can I panic about, I'm alive, the fact that I can talk to you and be calm, I have to be thankful."

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Sports News: Ex-GB sprinter Campbell 'relieved to be alive' after bleed in brain

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