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Arsenal must be "open-minded, courageous and daring" in his quest to replace Arsène Wenger as director, explains managing director Ivan Gazidis.

The Frenchman will leave the club at the end of the season, ending his nearly 22-year reign as manager.

Wenger, 68, won three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups, including the 1998 and 2002 doubles.

"The The most important thing is to make the right appointment – not a quick appointment, "said Gazidis.

"The process starts today, I want to keep this process in house.This club has to take up the challenge.You do not find a replacement for Arsène Wenger, you will find a new way forward.

"We need to be open minded and equally brave in decision. When Arsene was named, I do not think he was on the radar of many people

"That does not mean we have to repeat that but that means we have to be bold in the We believe that's the right person. "

BBC Sport understands that former Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti would be interested in a return to London, while Celtic said that it would allow Brendan Rodgers to talk to Arsenal. Gazidis on Wenger's Replacement

"It's important to me that we continue the football values ​​that Arsene Wenger instilled – whoever can continue this for our fans – a progressive football and exciting that arouses the interest and enthusiasm of the players.

"Another important piece is the way the candidate represents the club. We want to make sure we do not lose those qualities and values.

"Another value is our young players – our academy teams are doing extremely well and under the radar many players entering our first team.

" Tomorrow we have to start to think of the way we advance. We will take what Arsene gave us and go ahead. We must go through this process. "

On Wenger's Legacy

" Arsene earned his position in this club for 22 years. I do not think there will be other managers who will have this authority at the top of the game in the bigger clubs.

"This is the most important meeting of all the clubs and the most important of all the clubs.It would be unrealistic to think that someone arrives with the magnitude and Arsene's reach at the Arsenal football club

"Arsene changed the game, set a new standard, a new ambition, not just to win but to win by achieving perfection – make art out of football. He has always been brave enough to be true to this ambition and has reached it with the Invincibles.

"Arsenal really has a football philosophy and he had the courage to live by that – reinvented the game and played The best football we've ever seen.

" He Arsenal made famous for the style of football we play. Beyond football, he has inspired people around him with his understanding and empathy.

"The decision had to come at some point, I do not think the club was ever better prepared for this decision, now it's time to look forward, and I think we can do it with

"He leaves us in a very strong position to look to the future."

On Wenger announcing his departure

"Our first priority is to to get together in a club. Look at the outpouring of affection of the Arsenal family and the football family

"Second, Arsene and the club need time to prepare, the summer will be condensed with the World Cup in the middle .. Having clarity earlier, it's better.

"I've often said that replacing Arsene is the biggest challenge we're facing. face. In the coming months, the world will see the unity and power of this football club and its members.

"People talk wonderfully about what Arsène did for Arsenal and the world of football."

"There is a widespread affection among fans of football." Arsenal and people on the other side of football. "

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Sports News: Arsene Wenger: Arsenal must be bold in new manager search – Ivan Gazidis

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